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Philly 360° Playlist: R&B/Pop Sensation GoGo Morrow Returns With The New Club Banger - "Replay"

  • Posted By: Ashley Coleman
  • August 25, 2014
    • GoGo Morrow - Friends & Lovers Tour w/ Marsha Ambrosius
      • GoGo Morrow - Friends & Lovers Tour w/ Marsha Ambrosius
      • Photo Credit: D. McDowell for Philly 360°/ Visit Philly

The fashion-forward, sultry vocalist GoGo Morrow is back with a new banger off her forthcoming project, entitled “Replay." And this week, the high-energy track has bounced its way right onto the Philly 360° Playlist. 

Produced by R.A.P. 1220 for SOUNDBOMB, Replay's beat and catchy lyrics pull you right in from the start. Morrow sings about “getting it" one last time even though the relationship seems to be heading south. Easily a club anthem, the hook will stick with you after one listen.

It’s not hard to visualize Morrow and her background dancers — The Gogettes — putting together a captivating dance number to complement a live performance of the new record. 

A dancer, singer, and songwriter, it seems like there is not much GoGo Morrow can’t do. The pop/R&B vocalist has been making waves over the last year with her solo music. She has landed opening spots for Brandy, Lauryn Hill, Common — and even for the short lived Danity Kane reunion that we were all swooning over. GoGo was also one of the first acts added on to Marsha Ambrosius' national Friends & Lovers music tour

Her headlining show at The TLA in 2013 solidified her spot as one of the next artists from Philly that is destined to blow up, taking the world stage by storm. Whether it’s posing for fashion spreads or singing her heart for her fans, there is something endearing about GoGo's girlish smile and good looks, paired with her sultry vocals and sexy moves on stage.

Though we are still waiting on the full-length album, Morrow knows how to give fans just enough to keep them wanting more. Her exciting live shows have garnered her tons of new fans — all looking forward to seeing what’s next for Philly's blonde bombshell.

Morrow is scheduled to appear at the Made in Philly concert on Thursday, August 28. Be sure to check her out there, and download the new single today.

Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Check out our video recap of GoGo holding it down on Marsha Ambrosius' Friends & Lovers tour, along with MPrynt, DJ Aktive and Jade Alston. 

Behind The Scenes Of GoGo Morrow's "HD" Music Video

  • Posted By: Sarah Janiszewski
  • January 15, 2013
    • GoGo Morrow on the set of her music video "HD"
      • GoGo Morrow on the set of her music video "HD"
      • Photo Credit: D. McDowell for GPTMC / Philly 360°

Rising Philly star GoGo Morrow is about to take fans into high definition with her new single "HD".  We stopped by the set of her video shoot and got a behind the scenes look of her music video. We can tell you from being there on the set - this video is going to be on another level. 

And, we love that GoGo always brings it back to her hometown. She filmed her video in North Philly at Philly Soundstages. Philly filmmaker Sil "Spike Jordan" Beya directed the video. Philly dancers also known as the Gogettes - India Jones, Jazmine Johnson, Morgan Morrow and Ingrid Morrow-Robinson - we're on point with their moves. Hair by Philly stylist Bethany "Queen B" Bell, who competed on Oxygen's Hair Battle Spectacular. Styling by fashionistas of ACI Nae. And, the vintage car was provided by Philly's own Luxury Brokers International.  Also, did we mention that while on the set Philly 360° Creative Ambassador Mike McArthur stopped through? Philly was definitely in the building.

We sat down with GoGo while on the set. Check out the behind the scenes video and our Q&A with GoGo below.

Q&A With GoGo Morrow

Philly 360°: Hey GoGo! So I've been hanging out with you and the crew all day on the set of your new music video and single "HD". Let's start by talking about where we are exactly. 

GoGo: Today we are here at Invincible Pictures on 5th & Oxford. And I just filming the first day of my video shoot for my new single "HD".

Philly 360°: Can you break down "HD" for us?

GoGo: "HD" I released it maybe a month ago now. It's just basically an introduction song to who I am as an artist. It's just me talking smack about myself. And it's just fun. It's a dance record. It's a slower record. It's a record you can definitely dance to. It's gotten a lot of plays worldwide. It's been playing in Belgium, Japan and Germany. And of course in my own hometown, Hot 107.9. Shout out to them! They play it all the time. They play it almost every day. So, I'm really, really blessed. And, we just wanted to give the listeners a great video to attach with the song that they've been responding so well to.

Philly 360°: What's the concept of the video?

GoGo: The concept of the video - I don't want to give too much away. I'll just say it's retro meets futuristic, so we found a way to fuse both of those things. It's really cool. A lot of choreo. A lot of fashion. It was basically what I love the most about being an artist. I love dancing, and I love dressing well. So it was just a lot of fun. It was a long day, but it was well worth it.

Philly 360°: What are you filming for day two of the shoot?

GoGo: Tomorrow, we're filming some more car scenes. It's not going to be as in-depth as it was today, but it will have it's share of hard work as well.

Philly 360°: Why did you decide to film your video in Philly? We know you've been working with SoundBomb in LA. 

GoGo: Well originally we did think about filming it in LA. Of course my team is there, so we have more resources. I just thought I owed it to my town to do it here. It's where I'm from. You know, this isn't my first video, but to me it's kind of like my first video in the sense that I'm on my way to becoming an established artist. The last video I did, it was totally all by myself. I didn't have any kind of team behind me. It was done simply off of favors, so now I feel like I've become this artist. And I have a great team behind me. And I have a good support system, and I think I'm building a pretty strong fanbase starting in my city. I kind of feel like this is a new start for me, so I'm kind of labeling this my first video as well. So, I just felt I owed it to my city to do it here. 

Philly 360°: So "HD" is considered the first single off your album?

GoGo: Yes, "HD" is the first single off my album.

Philly 360°: How did you hook up with the team you're working with now?

GoGo: I'm signed to a production company called SoundBomb. It's a small group of us. It's really like my family. Everything that I've wanted to do, they told me that they would make happen for me. And, thus far, it's been absolutely true. They are fully committed. I couldn't be more blessed to have a team that believes in me more than I believe in me, or just as much. So, I'm blessed.

Philly 360°: You show Philly so much love. You're doing your video here. You have somebody who's originally from Philly as part of your team, and you have a lot of other Philly people involved in the video. Can you tell us about who they are?

GoGo: My main producer is R.A.P.1220, and he's originally from Philly. And it's so funny, we met through someone we both knew. We had a Skype meeting because he was looking for an artist. And he was like, "You know, I like your style. And it's even better 'cause you're from home. And I always wanted to work with somebody from home." So initially we had that connection, because we're both Philadelphians and we love our own kind. We love being from Philly, so I think that was the first step. And then musically, the music is amazing. I can't wait for everyone to hear it. 

Philly 360°: Tell us about your album. What kind of sound is it?

GoGo: It's so indescribable. Honestly. I can't even put it into a genre. We joke all the time. We just say it's Top 100, because it's so good - they're going to be in the Top 100. Literally, anybody can listen to the songs that we've done and enjoy them. Maybe not every song, but there's a song for everyone on the album.

Philly 360°: You know Philly always seems to go through these phases with music - from Gamble & Huff to the hip-hop period to neo soul, and it seems like Philly is on the edge of another phase musically. You are one of the artists who seems to be among the headliners of this new energy happening. Do you feel a responsibility with being a part of this energy?

GoGo: I actually do. I do. I feel like people have forgotten how talented we are as a city. A lot of people back in the day, they used to take from us. We were the go-to town as far as music went. It's not just me, I have peers that I think are super talented and well on their way, as well as I am. But I feel like it's my personal duty to put Philly back on the map, and I plan to. 

Philly 360°: Thank you so much for letting us be on the set of your video all day. We can't wait to see the finished product. Anything else you want to add?

GoGo: I just want to say, call your local radio stations. Whatever city you're in, call and request. Because that's the only way that everything that I'm talking about is going to happen. It has to come from the supporters. It has to come from the fans. You guys have to request it, so that Philly can be on the map! So that it's not just played in Philly and not just played in the local areas. It has to reach cross-country. Support me, and I'll always support you guys. And I just want to say thank you to Philly 360° for always supporting me. They always have my back, from the jump. 

Philly 360° Shout Out: Thank you to GoGo Morrow, Shantelle "Ladybug" Brumfield and R.A.P.1220 for all the access!

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